The tribal women solved the village’s pending water problem

Bhaktachi Wadi is a tribal village in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, in the Karjat block of Mograj Gram panchayat. When the Manas Foundation started working in this village, organizing women was one of the key strategies. Women were prepared to solve the problems of their own village by themselves. Women had shared that the water problem had been around for a long time. It used to take about 3 to 4 km to fetch water for women. Due to this, women and girls used to spend more time in fetching water. It also had a profound effect on their health. Illnesses like back pain and low back pain were seen in many women. As the girls spent a lot of time in the water, their education was also affected. Manas prepared the women to go to the Gramsabha. There, they came to know that the water supply scheme for the village was approved and the work is stalled. The women met the Zilla Parishad member and asked them to pay special attention. It was resulted in completion of pipeline work for 2000 M. in the village. After this, temporary water tanks were provided for the village from the Gram Panchayat fund due to the constant follow up by women. The women did not stop here but after a long pursuit built a permanent water tank for the village. Now every house in the village has a water connection. With the availability of water in the village, women started getting more time for other activities. Manas created tribal women and was able to solve the long-standing problem of the village.